Don't Buy Software For Your Small Business Until You Read This Book: A guide to choosing the right software for your SME & achieving a rapid return on your investment

Don't Buy Software For Your Small Business Until You Read This Book: A guide to choosing the right software for your SME & achieving a rapid return on your investment Rating:
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★★Written by the international best-selling author of Don't Hire a Software Developer Until You Read This Book and Develop Your Idea!★★

Are you a small or medium sized business with plans to upgrade or replace your business software?

If so, this software buyer's guide is for you!

Changing IT systems can be costly, time-consuming and complicated.
It’s understandable to be concerned about making the right decisions – each year companies invest large sums in acquiring new software, only to discover that their new product is inadequate, or more trouble than it’s worth.

The wrong decision will drain your financial resources, complicate your ability to comply with laws and regulations, decrease productivity and lead to unhappy staff. Worse still, you may have to live with the consequences for a considerable amount of time.

But what is the solution?
What action should you take, and what questions should you ask in order to choose the right product?

This book supports SMEs/SMBs in purchasing new software, whilst navigating the pitfalls and perils of the process.
It has reached #1 best-seller status in France, Germany, the UK, US, Australia and Canada and will guide you through the minefield of choosing a suitable product that will deliver the benefits you want, whilst demonstrating how to secure a good return on your investment.

An easy to read, and accessible guide, it explains the things you will need to know, and do step-by-step, to increase your chances of success and includes complementary spreadsheets and documents that you can start using immediately.

Read this software survival guide if you are:
- Wholly, or partially responsible for acquiring new software for your company, department or team
- Keen to review the options available; including SaaS, enterprise software, desktop software and cloud-based services
- A business owner, CEO, CFO, director, VP, departmental head, or manager planning to invest between 4 and 7 figures on your software
- A B2B or B2C company, including accountants, consultancies, law firms, sales companies, construction, engineering, or architecture firms, finance companies, brokers & advisers, media companies and agencies, manufacturing firms or healthcare providers.
- A charity, social enterprise or institution
- Considering outsourcing development work to a software house or consultancy
- Concerned about your company's compliance with laws and regulations, including the Data Protection Act 1988, Auto-enrolment, CAN SPAM, HIPAA or the GDPR (which comes into effect from 25th May, 2018) and would like to increase your knowledge in these areas

K.N. Kukoyi is a software delivery specialist, experienced in working with businesses of all types, from SMEs to FTSE listed multi-nationals. The author has a unique perspective, having delivered software for clients, researched and recommended software products on a professional basis, sat on software selection panels and managed 3rd party IT supplier relationships.

This is the author’s 3rd book for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses, which demonstrates how to:
- Minimise the risk and complexity that comes with buying new software
- Select a product that meets your needs and maximises your ROI
- Cut through all the technical and consultancy jargon that you will encounter
- Ask the right questions and uncover vital information before you sign on the dotted line
- Carry out company and product due diligence checks
- Hire a competent consultancy or software house to install, customise or build your product for you
- Minimise disruption and issues within your business as you transition across to your new product

Avoid unnecessary trial and error, proceed with a plan and Don’t Buy Software for Your Small Business Until You Read this Book!


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