SOHO SoftwareSOHO Software is for small and home based businesses that need products and knowledge on integrating technology into their office environments.

Software products and service for operating an efficient working environment have been the norm for the past decade or more, and become more of a necessity as increasing number of organizations do business globally, through Internet mechanisms and mobile devices.

Required Small Office Technologies

Based on our expertise in creating, selling and supporting software for many years, we conclude that the following tools are required for any small office in 2017. Most other categories of tools fit in or are closely linked to one of these categories.

  • Accounting Software

    Accounting Software
    Accounting Package
    This area involves everything that tracks money coming in, or going out of the organization, such as invoicing, purchasing, order management, fulfillment, payroll, tax accounting.

  • Communication Tools

    Voice Over Internet Protocol
    Office VOIP System
    Both hardware and software are relevant in putting together a modern office communication system.

    Telephone systems, network infrastructure, land lines and/or VOIP software and phones are necessary for communication among staff members, outsources, suppliers, and, of course, clients and customers.

  • Internet Connectivity

    Internet Service Provider
    Internet Service
    This category is a requirement for implementing modern communication system referenced above; it is the basis of online connection: Internet Service Providers (ISP), browser software, email communication, chat systems, web hosting service, web site development tools, web site maintenance (FTP), and cloud-based web management and storage.

  • Office Software

    Office Suite Software
    Word Processing
    Office Suite Software encompasses word processing tools and their supporting accessories such as spreadsheet software, presentation software, graphic design, cms and blog management apps and, frequently, some basic database tools for contact management.

  • Security Software

    Security Software
    Antivirus, malware and firewall tools are absolutely required to maintain a clean network and clean machines that will not compromise your personal and company information, nor the systems to which you connect.


We have, featured on this site, various software and hardware tools appropriate for small offices. We also release articles and reports focusing on small office technologies. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send us a message through our page for Contacting Us.

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