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Starting a small business and efficiently operating such a business in 2004 requires business strategies that include the help of software and technology tools.

At, we have compiled links to some of the better (and reasonably priced) software and technology solutions. The vendors of the products listed range from small, single-person software and Internet development companies to Fortune 100 corporations.

If you have knowledge of software, hardware, or ASP products designed for small business operations, please tell us about it and let us evaluate it for .

Do I need a company logo?

A professional corporate image can do many things to improve your business:

  • Your business image, and specifically your logo, will have much to do with how your customers think and feel about your business.

  • Quality logos give your business an immediate air of professionalism. Even if your business is new or less established, a customer will often give the benefit of doubt to a company that looks professional.

  • Every business eventually competes with others. A unique and professional logo will help your customers distinguish your products and services and help them remember who you are.

  • Not only will a professional image help you with your customers, it might also help attract key employees.

Oracle Accounting, Quickbooks

Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton,
Panda, RAV

catalog software
Lingerie Catalog

check writing
Oracle Payroll, VersaCheck

customer management
ACT, Oracle CRM, Tariva iCRM,
RoloBase 2000


Oracle eStore, SBI eCommerce,
SureFire Commerce,
Total Merchant Services

ebook compilers/templates
Acrobat, Activ E-Book,
EBookPaper, eBook Pro,
Ebook Starter

ebook titles
Chapman, Evoy, Harris,
Robeson, Wilson

MailLoop, SpamKiller

MS Money, Quicken

CorelDraw, Cool3D,
XARA3D, Presto OCR

html design tools

Dollar Web Templates,
Oracle Web Store, Site BuildIt,
WebPosition Gold

inventory control

BS/1, GST/VAT Invoicing,
Invoice! 2002, InvoWeb,
InvoWiz, Oracle Billing

Business Plan Pro, PlanMagic,
Lotus Organizer, MS Project

Make Your Site Sell!, The Truth

OrderGen 2000

Crystal Reports

web hosting, iPowerweb,
Site BuildIT!, Web Quarry,
Web Site Source, Your-Site

word processing
MS Office, WordPerfect Office


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