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Rolofile Database RoloBase 2000 v. 2.03      
About RoloBase 2K Address Book Software

Click to see RoloBase main screenRoloBase is currently undergoing an upgrade. The current version is no longer being marketed or distributed.

Click here to visit the web site and download page of the Contact Management/PIM Software we are currently recommending.

RoloBase 2000 is an easy-to-use, clean-looking, and fully CUA compliant 32-bit Windows address book program which will run on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, and XP.

This version can close into the System Tray until needed. It can be reactivated by double-clicking on the RoloBase icon in the System Tray. RoloBase 2000 also includes a tree structure for directly accessing the individual records of the Rolofile Contact Database. New features include a Web Directory and an Event Calendar, both described below.

RoloBase Distribution

This program is a 45-Day trialware application, which you can distribute freely subject to the limits described in the RoloBase Licensing Agreement.

The trialware version of RoloBase is not limited in functionality during the 45 day trial period, but most functions will become non-operational once trial period ends. All functions can be re-enabled at any time simply by registering the software and entering the corresponding registration code.

RoloBase Software Usage

RoloBase 2000 is useful both for business and for personal use. It has three databases providing different data storage properties:

  1. The Rolofile database contains all company and individual contact information.

  2. The Calendar database allows the user to keep track of important upcoming events, such as: birthdays, holidays, show premiers, sporting events, business meetings, job fairs, employment interviews, and so on.

  3. Finally, the Internet web site directory contains information and easy access links to various sites, which may be of interest to users.
Computing System Requirements...
  • Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, or XP
  • 3 Meg Hard Drive Space
  • Printer (For output reports)
  • Web Connection (Optional - for email or Internet Links)
Download RoloBase...

Address Book Database : Try it Free for 45 days

Click to download RoloBase 2.0 (900 Kb) -

Click to download RoloBase 2.0 (900 Kb) -

Cost and Registration
  • Cost: USD $29.97 (after 45 Day Trial)
  • How to Register (Securely Online)


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